holidays in devon

holidays in devon

Monday, 14 March 2011

were to start ....

were to start ....... i know i will tell you about me and my family.
well what can i say i am one of six children three of them are now adults which leaves myself, leanne and our cute baby brother ryan now we are all my dads children my mum only had me and leanne but then little rachie comes alnog she i now 8 years of age she can be a gremling at times but i still love her.

my mum, is one of the greatest people in my  life always been there for me i can tell her anything and she will listen. we enjoy talking about historical places and people. we sometimes have our ups and downs but you got to love her shes my mum. worlds greatest mum i call her, love you mum.

now my dad and my wonderful step mother, i visit them every other weekend which i realy enjoy.
my dad is the greatest dad in the whole world and i love him loads.

leading of from this is time to talk about my wonderful step mum jenny. now i have known jenny for as long as i can remember and im positive that we have a fantastic realationship.amd i couldnt ask for a better stepmother.

Sunday, 13 March 2011

about me

hi bloggers my name is vicky, i am 14 years of age and i have been inspired by my wonderful cuz emma well actully she is more like an antie she as well has a blog called and i would like to thank her for her insparatin x.
leading on from this i lead a happy life style in  essex,i also attend the local school were i have some great memorys.
i enjoy doing lots of dancing and singing and a variety of sports and well as gardening.